Influencing people’s emotions: the direct approach

“I am polite. Therefore you will not be annoyed”

Obi Wan Kenobi would be proud.

The Uncanny Valley

The Uncanny Valley: the point at which an anthropomorphic robot starts looking less like a convincing human and more like Phil Neville (Mori et al, 1997).

Ux good practice – where are the stats?

Where can I find a good resource that proposes statistical evidence for good user experience design decisions? ‘We made this change, enquiries went up 30%’. That kind of stuff. Even if the stats are questionable and need picking apart.

I feel a bit daft asking and hopefully someone can answer this easily… 80-20 rule, and … Read more

How Google does user experience

Interesting presentation (albeit from 2006) about Google’s user experience by engineering director Jen Fitzpatrick.

Some sample points:

“Google is like a swiss army penknife”. The homepage has hardly changed since 1997. In early testing, people didn’t use the ‘I feel lucky button’ – they had no idea what it would do. But they liked … Read more

Mind tricks to make group work more productive

We’re doing an MSc group project to come up with a design prototype. There’s six of us working together.

Last week we got stuck. We had a bunch of survey data and the results of some fairly fruitful brainstorming sessions. But we couldn’t decide what to do next.

The problem was that we suddenly … Read more