Dark pattern or dim user?

I’ve just encountered a stinky example of the Sneak into Basket dark pattern, courtesy of buymobilephones.net.

I visited their website, picked the phone and contract I wanted, and clicked ‘Add to basket’.

The next view showed me my basket.

But look: a little line saying ‘Mobile phone … Read more

Do you click on white space?

When landing on a web page, I sometimes click on a bit of spare white space before I do anything. It’s a sort of mental ‘reset’ for my mouse pointer, to reassure myself that the focus is on that window. I usually do it almost unconsciously, whilst beginning to attend to other things on … Read more

Would you rather make a gesture or push a button?

A new Wired article looks at Nokia research into expanding the uses of accelerometers in phones. You could make an ‘F’ gesture in the air with your phone, for example, to launch its FM radio. You might use another gesture to lock your phone.

But a physical on-screen button tap has a distinct advantage … Read more