A game made just for you

Do video games learn what a gamer likes as they play, then tailor the rest of the game experience accordingly?

Say I’m playing a game where every so often, I can pick up guns from the floor. I always pick up uzis, because I have a particular penchant for cutting zombies in half with … Read more

Does the internet know you better than your mum?

Imagine if you had access to a record of everything you’ve done online in the last five years – down to keystroke level, even – and could analyse it to see what it reveals about you as a person.

Lots of us are wary of the prospect of companies like Google tracking our every … Read more

These graphs will get you laid

I just discovered the blog of OKCupid, a dating site (via @billwscott if you must know – research purposes only!)

It’s got tons of fascinating insights – drawn from OKCupid’s usage data – about people’s social behaviour, identity and dating preferences. Plus a few predictable findings, naturally.

It blows my mind to think of … Read more

Ux good practice – where are the stats?

Where can I find a good resource that proposes statistical evidence for good user experience design decisions? ‘We made this change, enquiries went up 30%’. That kind of stuff. Even if the stats are questionable and need picking apart.

I feel a bit daft asking and hopefully someone can answer this easily… 80-20 rule, and … Read more